About Hatori Sports

We believe that competitive badminton is best served with explosive smashes, tumbling drop-shots, swift drives, smooth clears and lightning defence.

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Our Mission

We work hard everyday to continuously improve our products and services, and ensure that our players and clubs are happy and healthy. 

We strive to deliver the optimal balance between performance and durability for competitive badminton clubs and players to experience the best and most enjoyable badminton in the heat of fierce competition.

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Our Brand and Logo

Hatori comes from the Japanese word, (羽鳥 Hatori) but is derived from two parts. ‘Hato’, meaning ‘dove’ and ‘Tori’ meaning ‘bird’.

Our logo represents the spin of a shuttlecock that moves through the air in an anticlockwise direction after being hit by a player. It also represents a bird that is flying toward the right. We specialise in doing one thing, and that’s Badminton.

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Quality Assurance

Our Shuttlecocks are ultra high durability, produced according to demand.

Easy 30 days returns

30 days money back guarantee. Product must be unused to be eligible.

Replacement policy

If you have problems with the quality of a shuttlecock, we will replace it for you.

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