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HA-950 Badminton Shuttlecocks

Made for competitive clubs and players

Hatori Sports

We believe that competitive badminton is best served with explosive smashes, tumbling drop-shots, swift drives, deep clears and lightning defence. 

At Hatori Sports, our competitive spirit drives us to create the perfect blend of incredible long lasting competition shuttlecocks, to make you feel what the professionals feel.

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HA-950 Shuttlecocks

Our competition goose feather shuttlecocks have been tested by top players to feel incredible and last ages with testing metrics for durability, flight, elastic impact / hit-feeling and consistency with each shuttlecock. You can recognize our shuttlecocks with the inner sticker HA-950 with the red Hatori logo.

We created these shuttles to suit competitive clubs and players to experience great badminton.

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Impact Feeling

Made for Competitive Clubs and Players

Hatori shuttlecocks use a specific combination of cork, goose feathers and other materials with quality assured manufacturing process to ensure you receive the best performance and durability.

Materials and Production

  1. High quality premium goose feathers
  2. High quality tri-layer cork (65% natural cork)
  3. Durable and light synthetic leather for cork cover
  4. Ultra strong, high stiffness glue, precisely applied
  5. High strength, ultra thin badminton shuttlecock string
  6. Hatori inner sticker logo
hatori ha-950 constructed shuttlecocks

Quality and Storage 

  1. Undergoes quality assessment and inspection
  2. Is precisely weighed and measured for speed
  3. Is produced according to demand, and not warehoused no longer than six months to guarantee freshness
  4. Is always stored with the cork facing downwards, in temperature controlled, humidity controlled conditions
  5. Can be cold-steamed upon request of customer before purchase
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Quality Assurance

Our Shuttlecocks are ultra high durability, produced according to demand.

Easy 30 days returns

30 days money back guarantee. Product must be unused to be eligible.

Replacement policy

If you have problems with the quality of a shuttlecock, we will replace it for you.

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